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July 2012

Do I need an attorney to help me file for Deferred Action under President Obama’s June 15, 2012 announcement?

The simple answer is Yes! The more complicated reason is: why?
On June 15, 2012 President Obama made his historic announcement that certain young people who came to the U.S. (generally referred to as” DREAMers”) can apply for deferred action for a 2 year period and obtain legal work authorization. To qualify the applicant must:
1. Have come to the United States under the age of…

The Importance of Naturalization—Its More than just the Right to Vote.

Many clients come to our offices who have been Lawful Permanent Residents, or “Green Card Holders” for many years. Many have even applied to renew their Green Cards after they have expired. When this happens, we always suggest that these people apply for U.S. Citizenship. First, it saves them money as the government filing fee for the Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card,…


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